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Backed by over 30 years of acoustic research and development MTX Audio's In-wall speakers are the perfect choice when critical listening and superior imaging are primary requirements. Whether being used for home theater or distributing audio thoughout the house, wall mounted speakers offer a sound-stage that most closely resembles that of cabinet speakers. MTX Audio In-wall speakers come in a wide variety of models and price points. From the value added MODEL502W to the ultra high performance HT8253W, all MTX Audio In-wall models offer a level of fit, finish, quality, and performance that is second to none. High quality in-house engineered components combine with weather-resistant, grilles to provide both excellent performance and clean cosmetics thatblend into just about any décor. All MTX Audio In-wall models feature individual speaker components designed by MTX engineers to maximize sonic performance in custom-installed applications. Regardless of size or price, all models are flush mounted and will fit in a standard 2" x 4," - 16" on-center framing. Of course all models feature MTX Audio's 10-year, custom-install speaker guarantee.
All models within the Blueprint Home Theater series feature MTX Audio's "high power handling technology." This combination of high order crossovers, large woofer motor assemblies, and high-tech PTC tweeter protection makes each model perfect for the increased dynamic demands required for digital home theater. Of course, only the highest quality components are used in each model. High-tech glass fiber woofers with rubber surrounds combined with soft dome tweeters assure the listener of both deep bass and smooth high frequency response. Both the HT6253W and HT8253W add a 50mm dome midrange to offer a level of sound quality and performance that will please even the most discriminating listener. When the application calls for "no-holds barred" performance, MTX Audio Blueprint Home Theater speakers are the perfect choice.
All models feature glass fiber woofers with rubber surrounds and dome tweeters with 2nd order crossovers. The H615W features 12mm PEI dome tweeters which are mirror imaged (Right and Left) to maximize speaker imaging. All other Blueprint Home series models feature MTX Audio's unique POD mounted tweeter design allowing for the tweeter to be adjusted on two different axes.
All models feature poly woofers with rubber surrounds and dome tweeters with 2nd order crossovers.