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They say that music adds to one's quality of life. If that's the case, then MTX Audio's line of special application speakers will help to make one's home a considerably better place indeed! From hallways to home theater, from inside to out, MTX Audio's special application speakers bring sound into the widest possible range of environments. The MTX H620AW and H622AW all-weather models allow sound to be enjoyed from patios to bathrooms, while MTX point source, dual voice coil speakers make it possible to continue listening to your favorite music or radio station while walking down the hall! MTX Audio Specialty Home Theater speakers include a center channel, as well as both bipole/dipole in-wall and in-ceiling models. The new HTS28W dual 8" in-wall subwoofer features two long-throw, glass fiber woofers in order to achieve both the high output and deep bass required for today's digital home theaters. You can be assured that each MTX Audio special application speaker was engineered to offer the maximum performance possible in a given application. From poly to glass fiber, from rubber to santoprene, MTX Special Application speakers use the highest quality materials possible in order to achieve both impressive sound quality and lasting performance. Of course, each speaker features MTX Audio's 10-year built-in speaker warranty.
MTX Audio's Specialty Home Theater speakers are perfect for outfitting a 5.1, 6.1, or even a 7.1 theater system. Each model is built to withstand the high dynamic requirements of today's digital technology. High power handling, Esoteric Audio USA cabling (HT520BDP, HT2625W, HT622BDP, and HT822BDP), high order crossovers, and PTC tweeter protection make each model a top performer within it's class. Most importantly each model is designed to fit into standard 2" x4," - 16" on-center construction. Performance, flexibility, quality, and value are all engineered into each and every specialty home theater series product. Of course, each model is covered by the MTX Audio 10-year custom-install speaker guarantee.
MTX Audio's Blueprint Home specialty speakers include a wide variety of special application products. All-weather speakers include both stereo and DVC models each with poly baskets, santoprene woofer surrounds, and weather sealed crossovers. Our enclosed back models (H625CE, H625WE, and H622CE) are ported out the front for improved bass response. Both the H622C and H822C DVC (stereo input) speakers feature glass fiber woofers with rubber surrounds as well as angled twin 20mm soft dome tweeters for improved off-axis performance.
The MODEL622CM and Model822CM features a dual voice coil poly woofer with rubber surround and dual 12mm PEI dome tweeters. This speaker is perfect for hallways or anywhere where good sound is required but space is at a premium.