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HUB1X2 MTX A-BUS HUB, 1 Input, 2 Output

The A-BUS hub is the core of the system. It distributes audio signal, system power, and status indication to A-BUS power modules installed in rooms throughout the home and sends IR commands from the power modules back to the source components.

It is usually located near the main sound system (Amplifier/Receiver, CD, DVD, Tape, Cable, etc.). The HUB1x2 has 1 input and 2 zone outputs.

HUB1X2 Specifications
InputsAudio - RCA phone jacks (1pr) Power - 2.5mm DC (+v center) Status - 2.1mm DC (+v center)
OutputsA-BUS ports - 4 RJ-45
Wiring Format568A
Dimensions2.4"(61mm)D x 1.2"(30mm)H x 5.3"(135mm)W
Power SupplyAPS-23 (A-BUS-HUB1X2) - 120-240Vac 50/60Hz 2.3A PS Included