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LS1 MTX A-BUS Local Source Unit, Decora Style

The Local Input Module provides "local" input capability for sources such as TV sound, MP3 player, computer sound cards, etc. located in the zone. The Local Input Module automatically switches to the local input when a local source is detected. 30-seconds after the local source ceases, the Local Input Module automatically reverts to the main input source. The Local Input Module is easy to install. Note: Care should be taken during pre-wire to run the category 5 (CAT-5) cable from the hub to the power module via the Local Input Module installation point if this facility is to be made available. This is often a forgotten requirement, e.g. In [AD2]

LS-1 Specifications
InputsLocal Audio - RCA phone jacks (1pr)
From Hub Cat-5 Punchdown
Outputsto VC power module - Cat-5 Punchdown
Dimensions1.8"(25mm)D x 4.2"(107mm)H x 1.7"(44mm)W