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Lolita 8" 100 Watt Special Application Low Profile Subwoofer

The Lolita subwoofer has many features which help to deliver its great bass performance and make it a remarkable value in home theater products. It utilizes a modern Class A/B amplifier circuit to produce high power with a minimum of heat. It has a variety of input and output connections that make it easy to setup and use in almost any stereo or home theatre system. Each woofer uses an overhung voice coil and large excursion suspension to produce higher sound pressure levels with lower distortion. Each enclosure is designed to match the parameters of its woofer to maximize performance. Special low noise vents are used for less distortion at the bottom of the frequency range. The LOLITA subwoofer is short in height to allow it to fit under tables, beds, and other furniture. You can hide LOLITA out of sight and still enjoy subwoofer sound. You may wish to turn your LOLITA subwoofer on one of its sides to place it between furniture and a wall.

Lolita Specifications
Amplifier Power100 Watts
Frequency Response48Hz-160Hz
Phase Switch 0° /180°
Level ControlVariable
Auto Turn on/offYes
Low Pass Slope18dB
Subsonic Filter18db@30Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD)7" x 23 3/4" x 12 1/4"